Custom Packages for Challenging Applications

Maximize performance and productivity with HYFAB packages designed specifically for your application. We build on more than 40 years of packaging experience to create exactly the package you need, with single-source ease and efficiency.

Steam to Water Heat Transfer Packages

Let HYFAB optimize the steam equipment selections to maximize control and energy savings.

Water to Water Heat Transfer Packages

HYFAB can optimize equipment selection and piping for both process cooling or heating applications.  

Two Stage Parallel Station

For pressure reduction greater than 100 psi and highly variable loads. Also accommodates intermediate pressure loads, if required.

Our well-equipped 30,000-square foot facility offers capabilities you can’t get elsewhere. We specialize in pharmaceutical, food & beverage, and advanced manufacturing heat transfer and steam pressure reducing.

Well-trained, well-qualified personnel including engineers, AWS/ASME certified welders, and electrical designers create each package to your specifications.

Onsite quality control and factory testing ensure your system works the way you expect.  We are UL listed for building packages and electrical panels.


Steam and water heat transfer • Chilled water and glycol • Environmental enclosures • Steam pressure reducing • Special materials of construction • Standard and custom controls


See HYFAB packages in action. Then talk with us about your application.