HYFAB Packages Provide Essential Reliability

Choose HYFAB pre-engineered packages for pumping and heating applications. Get the benefits of custom-designed systems—without the wait!

Standard Packages

HYFAB pre-engineered packages are UL 3rd-party approved. Available with pumping, air control, boilers, electrical and pump controls. You get a package with performance and reliability no field system can match.

eMHP Pump Packages

The eMHP is a hydronic pumping package with self-contained controls to operate variable speed pumps WITHOUT the need for remote sensors.  Available with duplex, triplex and quadraplex pump arrangements. 

Custom Packages

Hot, Chilled and Condenser Water Pumping
Glycol Packages
Domestic Water Heating Systems
Steam Pressure Reducing Stations
Boiler Packages
Enviromental Enclosures


Contact HYFAB today for your next hydronic, industrail or plumbing application. With 40 years of experience, we’re here to support you at every step.