HYFAB pre-fabricated pumping packages are pre-tested, UL 3rd party approved and thoughtfully engineered with overall system performance in mind. Simply put, HYFAB packages offer more reliability than any field system can provide. That’s good news where every dollar, every minute and every BTU count! HYFAB can also maximize your energy effiency thru pump selections based on life cycle costs, premium efficient motors, variable speed drives and pump controls for multiple pump best efficiency staging. Contact HYFAB today for your next pumping application. STANDARD EQUIPMENT INCLUDES: • Constant speed and variable speed packages • UL control panels • Structural steel based • Standard designs • Pump accessories • Aircontrol components • Relief valves • Hydrostatic testing • Hydronic indicators • 50 years experience OPTIONAL EQUIPMENT INCLUDES: • Environmental enclosures • Special controls and control enclosures (nema 4, 12 etc) • Glycol feeders • Spring isolators • Seismically qualified design • Customer specified components • Backflow preventers
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